How to Wear Our CTC Fabric Face Masks




There are lots of styles and materials of fabric face masks out there now, and we have one that we feel is more comfortable and better fitting than most. The fabrics used are very fine European cottons that breathe well, wash well, and are tightly woven to block droplets and particles. We use stretchy knit fabric for the ties so they have some elasticity. They can be easily pulled up and down by the straps so you never have to touch the mask after it’s on, and best of all, they don’t pull on your ears!

First, tie the upper set of straps behind your head so it’s snug but not tight.
Second, tie the lower set of straps behind your neck again, snug but not tight. Trim the excess ties if you wish. Third, press the upper wire to fit across your nose. This helps keep the mask from slipping or gapping and fogging up your glasses. If you have longer hair, you can pull it over the ties after they are tied so the bows are on the back of your neck. You can wear the mask around your neck and pull it up by the straps as needed when you’re close to other people. We recommend washing after every wear.

Stay safe and healthy, and don’t forget to wash your hands frequently.


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