I must confess. I am a hoarder. I know it. I embrace it. Ask anyone I work with. So when I designed my first “Mish-Mosh” collection of mixed-media prints years ago, I was thrilled to be able to pull out years of sampling, & boxes of remnants, to add to the whimsy of the collection. Sweet validation!!! Call it “up-cycling”, “re-purposing” or any of the trendy names…but if you haven’t hoarded well, then sourcing all that spontaneous looking ‘whimsy’ isn’t half as easy & fun as it looks! Our current collection of truly limited edition ponchos are produced from ‘vintage’ base fabrics woven by fine American mills that have sadly long since closed or from fine Italian crepes that we are currently sourcing. My roomy round pockets are made of whatever suits our fancy! Enjoy wearing them alone or layered with a turtleneck, or long-sleeve tee. Mix with your coolest necklace or cool-cool pearls. As with all of our Limited Editions, there are 10 or less of each combo. Enjoy!


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