Ten Ways to Wear a Scarf




Ten Ways to Wear a Scarf

Customers LOVE our One of a Kind Scarves, but sometimes wonder how to get the most out of them. There are so many ways to add a bit of color and whimsy to an outfit, so I want to explain ten easy ways to wear them.

  1. Loose loop - just fold in half, put the ends through the loop and pull loosely to adjustLoose Loop
  2. High loop - same as above, but pull so the loop is just below your neck, then spread out the fabric to cover your neckline (great for warmth!)High Loop
  3. Loose wrap - put the center of the scarf in front of your neck and cross the ends behind your neck around to the front. Adjust the front to fall below your neckline.Loose Wrap
  4. High wrap - same as above, but wrap the center around your neck and leave the ends long.High Wrap
  5. Neck wrap - leave a short end wrap the scarf around your neck (not too tight) 2 or more times, then tuck the ends under the bottom loop so nothing is dangling. Or leave the ends loose, that’s your choice.
  6. Overhand knot - put the center of the scarf behind your neck then cross one end over the other. Pass the lower end up through the opening and adjust to the height you wish.Overhand Knot
  7. Bow - tie the ends into a simple bow to add retro flair
  8. Accent knots - tie an overhand knot at about 1/3 up from both ends for a little extra weight and texture
  9. Jacket accent - place scarf under the lapel of a coat or jacket without tying. You can knot the ends for a little more flair.
  10. Bag accent - fold in half and tie onto the strap of your favorite bag for an instant pop of color



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